Saturday, May 21, 2016

Challenge Day 2!

Welcome to the weekend, and my second consecutive day blogging!  Blogging every day has the potential to be a little boring in the sense that there's not something exciting going on EVERY day.

Anyway, today was a pretty typical Saturday.  Mike and I woke up to a little bit of kidlet squawking, and came downstairs to find that Kaitlyn (presumably) had scattered corn chips all over the floor.  Sigh.  After doing a bit of cleaning, we prepared to go out to do a little shopping.  Target today!  The past few weekends we've been favoring going to Fry's Electronics (for no good reason other than we're nerds!).  The mission at Target was to get swimsuits for the older 3, maybe pick up a little pool, and check on shorts for the boys too.  And mission was easily accomplished without too much fuss.

We decided to head up to South Mountain (another popular weekend driving destination) to see if J, K and L would nap (mostly geared towards K napping).  We managed to catch a few chuckwalla out again, and snap a few more fuzzy pictures.  Of course, Kaitlyn fell asleep as we were most of the way home.  Great.

Still plotting and planning our epic trip coming up in a few weeks here!  And that's about all for now!  Off to blog for the kids!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mommy's Little (Personal) Blogging Challenge

I decided sometime last week (mentally) that I was going to challenge myself to doing a blog a day.  Not just ANY blog a day (cue Daniel voice when saying that)...but one for myself AND each of the kids' blogs.  Ambitious!

I managed to do a blog-a-day for a period of time when I was on bed rest while pregnant with Kaitlyn.  At that time, though< I had a lot of time on my hands, and a lot of time to sit and ponder.

In any case, today I'll start!

Today was a pretty good day.  It was the first day of summer vacation for the boys (hip-hip HOORAY for them).  But, on top of that, the girls were home too, since they only go to daycare two days a week.  Mike went into the office today, so I had all four of them home alone with me today.

It actually wasn't too bad with all four of them, since the 3 older ones keep each other company.  Kaitlyn seems a lot less needy when the boys are around.  Laurel is getting better with not needing to be held every waking hour either, and she's kind of content to watch the others too.

Aside from that, we're putting everything in motion for our EPIC summer vacation trip.  I suppose it's more epic for us since it is a road trip (eep!) and we'll be hitting up a few stops and celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.  So far, we've got the Reno leg hotel booked...just need to nail down a few more places to stay and we'll be good to go!  So exciting!

Happy Friday!