Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Stamina: Renewed

Well, it's March 1st (at least it is right now in many time zones). I was supposed to have everything out of my apartment in Tucson, but didn't quite make it. It all turns out well in the end, but I think I'm going to reflect on a few things that could have been done better.

Starting way back in November. Should have bought more boxes and started packing things sooner. Stems from being generally lazy and loving to nap after work. I feel like if I would have had everything in boxes (or at least twice as much as I did on actual Uhaul moving day), I wouldn't be in this predicament.

Second point. Taking said boxes (or at least the ones I had at that point) and starting to mail them. This would be at the end of December when Mike started moving his stuff in. Okay, so as I learned, mailing boxes isn't a terribly efficient way to go. But maybe it would have gotten things there faster and at least allowed me to unpack a few of them when I was there over New Years in order to make them available to use again.

Third point. On Uhaul moving day, I should have definitely put more things into the Uhaul, namely the futon frame (could have just slept on the cushion, which I have been doing for the past week or so, and it's just as, if not more, comfortable). This one goes hand in hand with point number 1. More things ready to go into the truck, faster the move, more things that get to Reno.

Okay, the fourth point. Even after all that Uhaul moving was done, I still had another month and a half to deal with the rest of the stuff here. But, I WAS LAZY.

Fifth and final point (I hope). Even after I realized that there was NO way I could manage fitting the remainder of my goods and wares into my car to cart around for a while, I should have given in and gotten a storage unit! Which I did...today. Not like I should have when I realized I was behind a week or two ago.

So, as I said, this story has a pleasant ending. I got my aforementioned storage unit at the Uhaul place. I DID get a couple of loads of boxes and things over there (futon, table, a small shelving unit, many boxes, yaffa blocks, etc). It was a ton easier once it is in there, and I really need to promise myself NOT to be lazy and force myself to take a box and bag of stuff on the plane every weekend as well as mail the big ones.

I also got an extension from my apartment complex to stay for a couple of extra days (at the rate of $21 a day). That makes me greatly much more relaxed.

Now to just not be a lazy little chica and finish out the work that I started. Perhaps I've just prolonged my torture for two more days :)

Stamina: I need more of it

Today I feel as though I've just gone and gone and gone. I'm like a much larger and whiter version of the Energizer bunny. But at one point, my body and mind said NO MORE! Crash. I didn't just fall asleep or pass out or anything cool like that. I just had no more stamina and almost felt like I had no control over whether I could get up off my lazy butt or not.

So, as the title suggests, I need more stamina. I have a million things running through my head even when I'm laying down or otherwise resting.

Well, looks like I'm going to get a storage unit here too temporarily. Can't haul all of that stuff around in my car. Ugh.

Monday, February 28, 2005

The last night in my Tucson apartment

Well, the time has come to say the first part of my goodbyes to Tucson. More specifically, the apartment that I've inhabited for the past 3 1/2 years. Suppose I shouldn't get all sentimental and junk over it, seeing as how I've moved before and it wasn't quite like this. Maybe because I'm still in Tucson for the time being is what makes it so different for me.

Lots of things have happened in the past 3 1/2 years, too, I suppose. When I first moved into this apartment, my cats were just tiny kittens. I was just about to officially start graduate school. Other things in my life seemed to be in somewhat okay order, and I've already listed the things of note here. Then, even better things came here, namely someone by the name of Mike, who was here several times over the past year and change and we had really good memories here, too.

As my little typing break draws to a close, I'll figure out here pretty soon when I feel that I REALLY need to panic. I'm just packing the odds and ends into the two remaining empty boxes that I have. I took a time out to order pizza and run off to the post office to mail yet another box (attention Mike: INCOMING!).

So...look for an update in an hour or two. Let the panic begin!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

In Sparks...it's Sunday...a handful of hours left to this trip

Well, I made it here just safe and sound, in case anyone was wondering. I didn't finish packing up the entirety of my apartment yet, but hopefully that will be done in very short order! Ugh.

This moving stuff just needs to be over...and now!

So, my day of work on Thursday was rather uneventful. I'm finishing up some figures for my first paper. I realize that sometimes I have very little clue, or speed, when doing these sorts of things. I had all of my figures in PowerPoint, knowing full well that they'd need to be in Word at some point! Ugh.

The drive to Phoenix went rather uneventfully, even though I left a little later than expected. It's actually kind of a blur and went rather fast since I was talking to Mike the entire time. (Not a luxury I'll have for the trip back :( ). My plan went as expected. Check 3 bags, carryon 2. One bag was a box, the other a rolling duffel bag, and the other a normally carryon sized suitcase, which oddly enough weighed the most. I parked in the Terminal 4 garage to check all of that stuff in, only to hurt myself carrying it in! Major ugh again! Majorly paid for in muscle strains.

Then the drive back to the long term parking. Found a spot, got on the bus, got to the terminal. Security was very quick and I just had to wait in line to get on the plane.

Yep. That's pretty much it.

Is it next weekend yet???