Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Late night hunger...I want pizza!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love pizza! It is my most favorite of foods. I've tried expanding my horizons on the pizza front, trying various different varieties and stuff, but I have to say that I just love the simple stuff somtimes. Pepperoni is my fav.

So I'm sitting here late at night. I'm not physically hungry, as in my stomach is not growling, and I'm just not needing food right now. But I get bored, or see Mike eating, or see a pizza commercial and all of a sudden I want to eat! It's not a good thing either, usually because it is so late at night and the stuff I have available for eating is not that good for me! Ugh!

Now the thought of pizza is plauging my thoughts. And it really shouldn't, since I had a slice of pizza for lunch and some pizza on Friday night when we were in Bozeman as well. That doesn't stop me though. I could eat pizza all day, all the time pretty much.

This brings me to the question of why everything that I want to eat is so bad for me! Why can't pizza be healthy for me? I could eat a ton of spaghetti too. Grilled cheese sandwiches are good, as is a nice steak.

See what I mean now? Food on the mind. I best be getting to bed before it really starts making me hungry...even more so.