Thursday, August 22, 2013

Two Weeks Old...Visits and Things

Today Kaitlyn is two weeks old!  It really seems hard to believe from all seems like she's been with us for longer (technically, she has, but on the inside!), and sometimes it seems like time is flying by.  One week from today is her due date, which seems surreal still in that it wouldn't have been unusual for her to be still inside.

So what has the week held for us (and apologies for any reiteration too!)?  Monday was Daddy's work at home day, so we spent that with him while he worked.  We had a nice afternoon nap and got up a little after Daniel got home.

Tuesday was Daddy's first "back to work" day in the office, so Kaitlyn and I were left to our own devices for the day.  That included relaxing, for the most part.  We did run out to pick up Jared right before Daddy got home though.  Since sleep was a bit fitful the night before, Daddy offered to take Kaitlyn for the midnight feeding before bed (which ended up being a little later than he anticipated).  I slept all the way through until the 3:30am feeding time, which was good.

Wednesday was yet another low key day.  Daniel had early release and came home and we just hung out and watched TV (super exciting) while Kaitlyn napped.

Which brings me to today!  Today was the rescheduled lunch from two weeks ago.  I had to turn in some FMLA paperwork as well, so I attempted to get there a little early to fill that out (which, I did get there a little early, but still had to walk in after parking in the main lot vs visitor parking, and ended up talking to everyone before lunch).  We all went over to Corner Bakery (yum!).  Kaitlyn was really good, getting passed around, fed, looking around a little at everyone.  It was good to see everyone again...I was kind of relaxed about that (which, as an aside, I was a little teary eyed on the drive up mind still wanders to sad things, and even though I've been in that direction a bunch of times...heck, I don't know how I get off on these tangents of getting myself worked up).

After lunch, I went back to turn in paperwork (among other things), and went to see the lab (which, the whole bay where I was is totally stripped and cleaned out.  It's...weird, but I didn't get as freaked out as I thought I would be), went to see Megan's new lair and so on.  I confirmed with HR that I'd still be coming back at 6 weeks post baby delivery.  I think confirming that is making me a little apprehensive, as it will REALLY be the end of things.

So that was that...I hit the freeway and headed home in time for Daniel's bus to arrive.  Kaitlyn got fed and Daniel is hanging out with me (helping a little with the carpets a little).

In any case, here's Kaitlyn's introductions to the (former) lab peeps!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Conflicting Emotions...Happiness & Sadness in One

The title of the post is a bit misleading, since it really isn't about whether I'm happy or sad right this moment (FWIW, I'm pretty even right now...mostly leaning towards the happier side).  Anyway, what I wanted to go back to is some things having to do with work.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to with excitement and dread.  Happiness and sadness all in one.  Shit, if I'm not careful, I'm going to start welling up with tears while writing this.  It's nothing super huge, but Kaitlyn and I are making the trip out for lunch with my now former co-workers.  I'll probably hit up my soon-to-be former place of employment as well.

As a bit of a back story, I was supposed to go out to lunch with everyone the very day that Kaitlyn was born.  Monica had set up the lunch under the mask of "Amy is term!  She can get out of the house!"...when in fact it was just using me as an excuse for another reason.  She'd even joked that I had better not have the baby by then...I guess that was jinxed!  In any case, some of the crew came over for that lunch (instead of going out...ha!) while I was in labor, which I think at that point I was more than willing to give up my bowl of Broccoli Cheese soup at Corner Bakery for that afternoon.

So the happiness part comes from seeing all of them again, and introducing my former belly-dweller to everyone.

The sadness part comes with the bittersweet flavor of seeing everyone again.  I haven't been to work since June 5th...the day I worked half a day, met with HR, and ended up going to the doctor with contractions, leading to being admitted to the hospital for pre-term labor.  I have seen everyone on a few occasions, but sadly each time since then I've been a patient in the hospital.  Since then, as well, Cathie and my boss, Heather, have left where I work.  I'm next, and that's very upsetting (I know that the inevitable has just been put off while I'm out on leave).  I'm not angry that it's me, personally, but more that my whole (work) world has been blown to smithereens.  The other bit of sadness comes from others soon to be leaving, like the division head.  The place where I worked is looking very different from what I remember, and I'm kind of afraid to see it in person.  I know it's going to be worse when it's time for me to go "back" for a few days before my final departure :(.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Week With Kaitlyn

Well, the last post was the really long birth story.  Today marks her 10th day in the outside world!  It seems so weird that someone that we've only really seen for a short period of time, it feels like we already know, yet are still getting to know.

Here's how those days have gone so far!

August 8th:  Birth!  I think we have this pretty much covered!  Born at 4:08pm, we got some snuggle time in the delivery room while everyone was getting checked out and recovered.  We settled into a post-partum room for the night (me, Mike and the baby).  The night went pretty well, waking up about every four hours to feed and such.  The nurses also came in quite often to do vitals and checks and things.

August 9th:  Daddy had to run out to make sure Daniel and Jared were picked up and Daniel dropped off to take the bus to school.  Afterwards, he went to Babies R Us to pick up a few onsies and a car seat thing.  When he got back to the hospital, someone came to take pictures!  And we were ready with the cute new outfit.  After lunch, Megan and Pilar came by for a visit!  Then later in the evening, Daniel and Jared came by to meet their new sister.  The night was pretty long, in that Kaitlyn wanted to be held and fed quite a lot.

August 10th:  Time to go home!  All of the doctors came by to make sure we were both fit to be discharged.  After lunch, all of us headed home!  Mommy was able to catch a pretty good nap, after having not a lot of sleep the night before.

August 11th:  Sunday!  Our first full day at home.

August 12th:  Monday comes, Daniel goes off to school and Jared to daycare a bit later (where you got to meet all of the daycare ladies!).  I sleep in while Kaitlyn sleeps, waking up to make a few appointments.  The top one for the day...a visit to the pediatrician!  We hit up the office in the afternoon (not with the regular doctor, who was on vacation, but with Dr. Ramirez).  Kaitlyn weighed in at 6lbs 5.5oz (a bit down from birth weight, but that was OK).  Height was still good (although the nurse measured 19 instead of 19.5 inches), and head circumference (which we didn't know before) was 14cm.  We got set up with another appointment for a weight check in a few days.  Our other fun for the day was heading to Michael's and Sports Authority...then to Outback Steakhouse for lunch!

August 13th:  Outings for the day included Target and Wendy's!

August 14th:  Didn't really do a whole lot...Daniel got home early from school, and Kaitlyn spent the afternoon with Daddy while Daniel and Mommy hit up the movies.

August 15th:  Weight check day!  Increasing a bit from the "low" of 6lbs 5.5oz to 6lbs 9oz!  Spiffy!  Afterwards we made a trip to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch.  Now, as a bit of an interesting aside...Kaitlyn's belly button cord stump fell off!  At a week that's really trying to outdo her brothers.  After we noticed that it had fallen off, she demonstrated that it wasn't her ONLY trick.  Someone tried rolling over, and succeeded!  (from front to back).  Yep, definitely trying to outdo the boys!

August 16th:  Another outing...this time to the lab to get a heel poke for the second newborn screening blood test.  Afterwards, we hit up Target again briefly before Daniel gets home from school.

August 17th:  Saturday!  To get out of the house (for relaxation purposes), we took a drive up South Mountain.  Kaitlyn and Jared slept most of the way, Daniel and Daddy did a little exploring at the top.

August 18th:  Sunday!  A pretty lazy morning, followed by a trip out to Peter Piper Pizza with Daddy's friend/former co-worker Wes.  Mommy played with the boys in the game area, while Kaitlyn hung out with Daddy!

So that's the 10 days in a nutshell!  Kaitlyn's already been out and the doctor, to the lab, to the daycare, to pizza (twice), to Outback, to Target (twice), and various stores.  Already met quite a few people as well...and a new week is about to start!