Saturday, February 19, 2005

Moving stuff is a rough business

Well, when I originally started this second blog (my other one is at, I wanted to focus all the commentary on the progress moving my stuff from Tucson to Sparks. But, as it would happen, the moving time came and went. At least the moving of the big stuff.

As a recap, Mike moved into our new apartment in Sparks on December 28th. He managed to fill up two trucks + 2 trailers worth of his stuff, plus his own car. At least he got everything at one go. Then, Mike flew down to Tucson to help me with the truck. We moved my big stuff over MLK weekend, making the trip in just about 2 days. But that was in January, and my lease didn't expire here until the end of February (this month). My intent was to just keep my futon here for sleeping, a few dishes, my laptop and whatever bare essentials. When it came to moving, we were running a little bit late packing things up, so to just get going at a reasonable time, we left some stuff here. Ugh.

Flying back after that weekend I realize there was a ton of crap that we didn't get. Major ugh. I've had just over a month to be dealing with this, but I'm so lazy! Now I have just this weekend and the next (of which I'm in Reno again!) to get everything up and out of here! So, I'm right at the point of just cramming everything into whatever boxes I have. I'm also to the point of wanting to get this whole moving ordeal over with that I'm wanting to get my futon frame taken apart and packed into my car, as well as all of the other stuff.

It just seems so overwhelming! Is moving EVER easy? I thought this time that I'd have everything consolodated down to what I wanted to keep, getting rid of the junk that I'd taken from apartment to apartment here in Tucson. But now it seems as though I just MIGHT be doomed, and be needing to bust my butt just to make sure I'm out of here. Need to paint the walls still. Need to take down some of the pictures off of the wall. Gosh, what am I doing wasting time with a blog entry!

Friday, February 18, 2005

On requiring massive amounts of cheese...

Cheese you say? Why, don't you remember that you are lactose intollerant, Amy?

Well, yes, I am. Ask Mike sometime what happens when I forget to take the lactaid. But as I sit here alone in my living room, eatting my massive plate of spaghetti, I realized that some time ago that parmesan cheese is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for my spaghetti eatting enjoyment. I probably go way overboard with it, sprinkling a healthy layer upon each part of the spaghetti as I eat it. There is always cheese there. And by the end of the meal, there's usually quite alot of cheese on the last few bites that fell through to the bottom.

I realized this once, long long ago, when living in the dorm and making my own spaghetti. I'd cook the noodles in the microwave and just nuke some sauce to go with it. But, for some reason, it didn't taste quite right to me. At first I thought it was the fact that I was cooking it in the microwave (noodles got too soggy or something). Then maybe the sauce was different than I was used to at my parents. Nope. Cheese.

Cheese is always the answer.