Sunday, January 03, 2010

A New Life in a New House

Well, it's been a while since the last blog update. The reasons for that have been numerous...but mostly that my main blog was down for so long during a domain transfer. But I digress...

The 2010 New Year started with a big move to Arizona. For me, it's a return...for Mike and Daniel, it's a whole other world!

It started back in early summer of 2009. Things were getting tight at the University and in the community college that they were limiting the number of classes one could teach. Lab jobs were slim pickings (especially since my full time post-doc ended in 2007). Mike had the looming threat of layoffs at IGT. So I started idlly looking other of which was Phoenix. I got a call in September to have a phone interview and flew down for an interview at the end of that month. Job offer came that week!

If that was the end of the would be easy. But, for sake of time...we're here!!!!

Mike is on the last leg of his trip down from Reno (with felines and some of our stuff). We got the keys to our new house today!!!

And with that...our new year and new start has come!

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