Saturday, August 31, 2013

Three Weeks - Due Date Passes, The Tiredness Sets In!

Well, Kaitlyn's original due date came on August 29th...and she marked the occasion by turning 3 weeks old!

It's been interesting to see all of the changes that she's gone through, all of the things that she's done so far, and how she's integrated into the family.  Last weekend marked her first trip to the Arizona Science Center (well, on the outside!).  She slept most of the time, of course.  The weekdays were relatively uneventful, although both Mommy and Daddy are starting to feel a little bit of the tiredness and fatigue set in, due to a combination of both Kaitlyn AND Jared's sleeping (or lack of) habits.

On Wednesday, Mommy, Daniel and Kaitlyn made a trip out to a few stores for the was kind of fun shopping that day!

In any case, we're still keeping up with the daily's quite fun to see how much she's changed in only three weeks!

Well, this is sort of a short entry, and part of that is due to the tiredness stuff...I guess maybe I'll elaborate more on that some other time!

The faces of Kaitlyn...

My 40-week "Baby Bump"

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