Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

It hardly seems possible that it is our FIFTH wedding anniversary already. In many ways (and Mike and I both agree on this), it seems like it was just yesterday, but at the same time, it seems like we've been together longer!

So I'll go into today...woke up in the usual way, got ready for work and got the kids up and got them ready for daycare. Mike was working from home today (now according to his "typical" work at home schedule...Monday and Friday). I went to work, did a few things in the lab and really wanted to go home early to spend some quality time with Mike.

And right before 2pm, who comes walking through the doors of the sneaky husband! A vase of roses in hand! SURPRISE!

Now, I've never really been the cheesy type of romantic, as I appreciate smaller gestures and genuine surprises much more than having someone write me poetry or other stuff like that. This was DEFINITELY a genuine surprise, the point that I wanted to jump up into his arms in the lab...whee!!! Yeah, indescribable...I don't think it could have worked out any better!

With any anniversary or birthday type event, I start to let my mind wander to the past and to the future (but not lose sight of the present, of course!). How far have we come in the past 5 years? We got married on Lake Tahoe on a cloudy and almost stormy Saturday late-afternoon. We were living in Nevada at the time, and had probably thought that Reno was where we'd be for the next few years.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on the same boat that we got married on, and we were in the midst of trying for our first child. Our second anniversary, we were weeks off of becoming parents (no boat ride that time!). Our third anniversary we got to spend with our almost 1-year old son, and he got to go on the boat ride with us. Our fourth anniversary came after a move to Phoenix, and not long after, we found out we were expecting our second child. So, as you can see, each anniversary keeps building upon the last!

Where are we going to be in 5 more years? I find it fun to prophesize about these sorts of things. I'm sure I'll come back in a year and laugh at where we thought we'd be, especially if it's way far off of what I'm about to think of here. In five years, I think we will have at least another child, if not two more. We will still be living in Phoenix, and both Daniel and Jared will have started school. We will most likely have moved to the other side of the Phoenix. Both Mike and I will have settled even more into our jobs, and things will be more relaxed when we are more financially sound (I hope!).

Well, that's about all! It's a whole lot to take in, but a whole lot has happened in five short years! I look forward to the next 5...or 50... :)

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