Monday, August 08, 2011

Thoughts of a New Website

OK this is more meant to be a brainstorming it really isn't about a whole lot in particular :)

As some may know (or not know), I've had blogs, websites and all sorts of things scattered around the web. I've had a personal website (, Mike and I have had our couple-turned-family website (, alongside various blogger/blogspot sites. I've posted entries and notes on MySpace and Facebook. I've tweeted (some). In other words, I just have stuff scattered everywhere. Some of it overlaps chronologically, some of it doesn't.

In my spare time (which isn't much), I've given some thought about what I'd like to have for a new and improved website. A one stop place for all things Amy. And Mike. And the boys. How would I put together all of the things I've collected?

The obvious is the blog posts. Collecting them up is the first step, and then organizing them by person (since I started a blog for each kid, and actually have spots reserved for not-yet-conceived children), and organizing by time. Perhaps a timeline? I could add my (limited) tweets in there too.

Then comes pictures. I like those chronologically too, and maybe an option to have them interspersed (but able to be separated out) with blog entries/tweets.

Then silly sections that I've thought of. How about a numbers section? Just a crazy thing where I have "numbers" of items, or times I've done something, or places I've lived. Another silly one that I'd thought of was "pieces of me". Sometimes I take odd pictures of my uber swollen foot/ankles while pregnant with Daniel. An imprint of part of my shoe on my arm. Imprint of my fingers on my legs. Imprint of Mike's hand/palm on my leg. Bruises. Cuts. Discolorations. Any other types of oddities. Put them all together and you get me!

And lastly (and I haven't figured out specifics on this one)...topics that might be near and dear to me. Something work related? I always feel the need to relay some of the "science" stuff to people in lay terms. Make it understandable and exciting as it is to me. Also things baby/child related. Simple things that have worked for us.

With any will happen!

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