Thursday, August 22, 2013

Two Weeks Old...Visits and Things

Today Kaitlyn is two weeks old!  It really seems hard to believe from all seems like she's been with us for longer (technically, she has, but on the inside!), and sometimes it seems like time is flying by.  One week from today is her due date, which seems surreal still in that it wouldn't have been unusual for her to be still inside.

So what has the week held for us (and apologies for any reiteration too!)?  Monday was Daddy's work at home day, so we spent that with him while he worked.  We had a nice afternoon nap and got up a little after Daniel got home.

Tuesday was Daddy's first "back to work" day in the office, so Kaitlyn and I were left to our own devices for the day.  That included relaxing, for the most part.  We did run out to pick up Jared right before Daddy got home though.  Since sleep was a bit fitful the night before, Daddy offered to take Kaitlyn for the midnight feeding before bed (which ended up being a little later than he anticipated).  I slept all the way through until the 3:30am feeding time, which was good.

Wednesday was yet another low key day.  Daniel had early release and came home and we just hung out and watched TV (super exciting) while Kaitlyn napped.

Which brings me to today!  Today was the rescheduled lunch from two weeks ago.  I had to turn in some FMLA paperwork as well, so I attempted to get there a little early to fill that out (which, I did get there a little early, but still had to walk in after parking in the main lot vs visitor parking, and ended up talking to everyone before lunch).  We all went over to Corner Bakery (yum!).  Kaitlyn was really good, getting passed around, fed, looking around a little at everyone.  It was good to see everyone again...I was kind of relaxed about that (which, as an aside, I was a little teary eyed on the drive up mind still wanders to sad things, and even though I've been in that direction a bunch of times...heck, I don't know how I get off on these tangents of getting myself worked up).

After lunch, I went back to turn in paperwork (among other things), and went to see the lab (which, the whole bay where I was is totally stripped and cleaned out.  It's...weird, but I didn't get as freaked out as I thought I would be), went to see Megan's new lair and so on.  I confirmed with HR that I'd still be coming back at 6 weeks post baby delivery.  I think confirming that is making me a little apprehensive, as it will REALLY be the end of things.

So that was that...I hit the freeway and headed home in time for Daniel's bus to arrive.  Kaitlyn got fed and Daniel is hanging out with me (helping a little with the carpets a little).

In any case, here's Kaitlyn's introductions to the (former) lab peeps!

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