Sunday, January 08, 2017

First Week of the Year Down!

Greetings again, and although I didn't blog for everyone after the 2nd, I've kept up with the daily pictures and short videos for everyone.  Including myself.  I think I've found that just snapping a quick picture or doing a quick video is much easier than typing something coherent out.

Well, the week didn't go by with too much going on.  The boys went back to school on Tuesday, and Jared even got a blue card at least one day for behavior, and he was thrilled to be "surfer of the day", the helper in the class.  Daniel's class is doing a "wax museum" where they pick a historical figure to do a report on and dress up as at the end of the project.

Kaitlyn and Laurel are pretty good too...daycare on Tuesday and Thursday, as normal.  Laurel still walks on her knees (which is pretty hilarious), enjoys the doorway jumper and is pretty clingy.  Still eats just about anything you put in front of her.  Kaitlyn is doing really well with potty training, now to just convince her to wear underwear instead of ask for a diaper.

All things told, it wasn't a horrible week.  The weather has been pretty blah, and it feels like everyone should just sleep and be cuddley. :)

Here's the pictures from the 3rd through the 8th (today!) in rapid succession!

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