Monday, January 02, 2017

Second Post of the Year!

So I'm actually keeping up here (for now!).  Day number two of the year, and here I am.

Today actually went by sort of fast.  Got up with the kids around 8:30 (minus Kaitlyn, who slept til around 9) and played a little bit of Rock Band with the boys.  A few random TV shows and then daddy got up around 11:30.  Laurel was looking a bit tired, so I joined her for a 1 1/2 hour nap (yay!).

Then we got out of the house a bit and took a trip to Petco (just to amuse the kids) and then to Target to get a few things before school starts back up for the boys tomorrow.  Kids fed.  Laurel, my newly minted 11 month old, fell asleep in her doorway jumper.  Played some more of my newest game (Don't Starve) with Jared and then it was bedtime for all the people under age 10!

Got some grading for my online course done and now I'm blogging and about to hit the game again!

Here's yet another very glamorous picture of the day...

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