Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017...I think almost everyone I've talked to has had a hard time wrapping their brains around that for one reason or another.  Like, it seems like it was just 2000?  Wait, what year was it that such-n-such happened?  In either case, I'd like to start off the new year with a new series of blog posts.

I have been pretty lax about blogging for myself and for the kids, but, hey, I have four kids.  And they are all pretty young.  The reasons I haven't done a post in a while are numerous, but I'm hoping that with ringing in this new year that some of those things preventing me from doing it will lessen.

As for new things to add to the "document your life" stuff, I am attempting to get a short video of each of the kids every day along with their daily photo.  I'm going to try and do a daily video of and for myself as well, just to see how things change over the course of a year.  I feel particularly compelled to do this for the reason that our family is "complete" now.  It's an interesting feeling to have everything in place.  If we were to get matching Christmas ornaments, or something personalized...we're all there.  No one is left out simply because they haven't been born yet.

There's a few other New Year's resolution type things that I'm going to attempt as well, but I'll discuss that later.  I have to have a few more things to talk about in future blog posts, right?

So...cheers, and here's to 2017!

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