Sunday, February 27, 2005

In's Sunday...a handful of hours left to this trip

Well, I made it here just safe and sound, in case anyone was wondering. I didn't finish packing up the entirety of my apartment yet, but hopefully that will be done in very short order! Ugh.

This moving stuff just needs to be over...and now!

So, my day of work on Thursday was rather uneventful. I'm finishing up some figures for my first paper. I realize that sometimes I have very little clue, or speed, when doing these sorts of things. I had all of my figures in PowerPoint, knowing full well that they'd need to be in Word at some point! Ugh.

The drive to Phoenix went rather uneventfully, even though I left a little later than expected. It's actually kind of a blur and went rather fast since I was talking to Mike the entire time. (Not a luxury I'll have for the trip back :( ). My plan went as expected. Check 3 bags, carryon 2. One bag was a box, the other a rolling duffel bag, and the other a normally carryon sized suitcase, which oddly enough weighed the most. I parked in the Terminal 4 garage to check all of that stuff in, only to hurt myself carrying it in! Major ugh again! Majorly paid for in muscle strains.

Then the drive back to the long term parking. Found a spot, got on the bus, got to the terminal. Security was very quick and I just had to wait in line to get on the plane.

Yep. That's pretty much it.

Is it next weekend yet???

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