Thursday, July 04, 2013

32 Weeks and Counting!

Well, I guess I've been slacking off once again on the blog posts.  But the past few days I guess I've been too tired to really be in the right mood to do it before bedtime.  And I'm lazy.  And did I mention tired?

So in the past few days, and probably last week, I've been way more tired than I have since this whole bedrest stuff started about four weeks ago.  I guess it's to be expected at this point in pregnancy, it's tremendously hot outside and with just being sedentary and all of that.  I almost feel like if I was on the go, that I might have more energy, but who knows.

With all of that, Monday and Tuesday I was having the occasional bouts of some pretty solid cramping, with the now-typical contractions coming at most a few times an hour.  But, as I've said before, they do come and go, and it isn't all the time (some hours there are none).  I've tried my best to eliminate any of the factors that could possibly contribute to any false labor contractions, such as making sure I'm hydrated, bladder empty, and so on and so forth.  The catch with the water thing is that in order to stay hydrated, I drink water all the time.  But it also makes it so I have to use the bathroom frequently too to keep my bladder empty, and the cycle continues.

Wednesday, doctor's appointment day and my favorite day of the week, was yesterday and things were changed up a little (as I knew they sort of would be).  The ultrasound to measure fluid levels went well (measuring 12cm of fluid, which is lower than the 18cm of last week, but it's to be expected that there are fluctuations, and the fluid decreases as the baby gets bigger).  Heart rate was 144, so good there too.  Then to the appointment (which, in the afternoon, they're always late...but oh well).  Got weighed (and 1lb down from last week...weird, especially considering that it was at the end of the day and had eaten not long before), blood pressure is still about 100/60 (which is great) and all of that good stuff.  No cervix check, so I'll assume it's just stayed the same at 3cm like it was last week.

Now, I said things would be "changed up a little" in the sense that I knew that I couldn't take ibuprofen anymore after 32 weeks (which, is today!).  But the doctor I saw (Dr. Hebets, hadn't seen her in the office since the sub-chorionic hemorrhage and at a regular check around 12 weeks...but did see her at the hospital) mentioned that nothing was going to replace the ibuprofen (both Mike and I sort of figured that), and also she didn't agree with total, strict bedrest doing any good.  So I'm free to leave the house, walk around the grocery store or Target or whatever.  Can also do light chores around the that's pretty awesome!

So last night after cramping pretty hard most of the day (including twice where I had to stop for a few minutes and wait for the pain to subside), I took the last doses of ibuprofen and said a fond farewell...I'm kind of sad to not be able to take it (not that I want to take it every 6 hours!), but I like having the option to take it if I have a headache or something mundane.

Onto today...which is also the 4th of July...we hit the magical 32 week mark!  At least I was able to get up with the kids, do some dishes, do some laundry, and get some things cleaned up so we could place all of the furniture in it's new home.  There's still a LOT to do, but at least I can help out with that stuff now.

In the interest of having this entry flowith over with verbiage, which it already has, I'll end it here.  I figure I'll eventually get to a bunch of other stuff that's on my brain right now (that I'm seriously trying hard not to keep from upsetting myself with and just breaking down crying one of these times), but that's for another time.

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