Friday, July 05, 2013

Hospital Stay - Round 2

Well, I spent almost four weeks out of the hospital, baking the wee one on bedrest at home and doing an OK job (I guess)...and then 32 weeks hit.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the magical 32 week mark came, and I could no longer take ibuprofen.  I was also taken off of strict bedrest.  In combination, that probably doomed me.  Even though I had been starting to feel a lot of the break-thru pain and contractions earlier in the week.  After the ibuprofen, I was feeling a lot more lower back pain (rhythmic even), and just owies in general (I won't elaborate, just because it's a way, way TMI thing).

So I called the office this morning to ask about the contractions, and the possible loss of the mucous plug (OK, so that might be TMI). No office visit, just right to OB triage.  But I figured that I had some time, so I waited for Mike to go with me (and got in a shower and stuff).  I could have driven myself, in theory and practice, but the last time I did that, I ended up not being able to drive back.  Call it superstition or some special Murphy's Law stipulation.

Anyway, Mike got home, we got on the road and got to the hospital around 1ish. Got all of the check-in paperwork done, and then we waited. Triage was filled to the gills! So we sat out in the waiting room (which we saw a bunch of other pregnant women either waiting, or several that were being sent home).  Given that I've been the way I've been for the morning and last night and so on, it wasn't a huge deal...unless something weird happened, I wasn't going to drop a baby in the lobby all of a sudden.

We got called back and after a little bit more of a wait, got hooked up to the fetal and contraction monitors.  As dumb luck would have it, no sooner than everything gets hooked up and readings start comes a contraction.  Ha!  Quick cervix check and I'm at 4cm!  The nurse says that they'll monitor for about 10 minutes or so and come back.  That turned into more like an hour, where there were another couple of "big" contractions (still not painful, mind you) and a few more that neither Mike or I know whether they count or not.  Quick bathroom break for a urine sample (and general relief purposes!) and multiple attempts at blood pressure (wonky cuff!), and then a chat with the doctor.

So Dr. Mayer comes in and I reiterate the same story leading up.  Backing up, while waiting, they had ordered another dose of ibuprofen (which I'm fine with...the stuff is great and has been wonderful for random other pains, as I learned when I had to stop taking it!).  I also forgot to mention that along with ibuprofen, I got a shot of terbutaline.  They warned me that it might make my heart race and overall feel like I had about 100 cups of coffee...and it delivered!  After a few minutes, I was almost giggly, laughing at myself for how wired I felt.  But it did the trick, and contractions magically disappeared.  Anyway, we chatted with the doctor a bit more, and had the option of hanging out for just a little bit, with the promise that we'd have to come back tomorrow for a check and monitoring anyway, or keep me overnight and see how I react to the nifedipine.

I stayed...getting settled into a room a few doors down from the one I was in last time (Pod C on the 3rd floor again!)...and Mike left to get the boys and stay with them for the night.

At that point, the terbutaline was fizzling out and they were getting ready to give me the nifedipine (which is given every 6 hours).  The caveat to the latter is that it's a blood pressure lowering drug...and my blood pressure is usually on the low to good side.  It had to be at least 90/60 (for BOTH!) so that I didn't pass out or anything.  First check...nope.  Second check about 30 minutes later...100/55, so nope!  I got some food into me, got up to use the bathroom and they checked a 3rd time and that was the magic one!  I passed and got my pill a little after 7:15pm.  The time between the drugs had me clocking contractions 5 times.  OK, 5 times an hour not too bad I guess!

After doing a little video chat with the boys and all of that good stuff, I've just been hanging out.  Nifedipine is doing it's thing hopefully, and last report (it's been a while!) was 2 contractions per hour in the first 2 hours.

I guess as far as hiccups go, this is hopefully pretty benign and the next 4 weeks will be uneventful!

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