Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 23 at Home

Sunday, June 30th
Three weeks, one day at home

So we've come to the end of June...pretty safe to say I won't be having a June baby!  In any case, the month of June has gone by slowly, and somewhat depressingly.  It didn't start off well (after having gotten marching orders at work) worse in the first week (hospitalized for 4 days), and everything has been in sort of a holding pattern for the remainder of the month.

Anyway, moving forward.  Today started out like the typical weekend day.  Although two of the cats started getting into it with each other right outside our bedrooms, waking up the kids.  Luckily, they went back to sleep, despite a good couple of minutes of Stat yowling at the top of his lungs.  Breakfast, television/computers/playing, Mike doing laundry, and so on and so forth.  Oh yeah, and it's really hot out.

I've also been noticing when I wake up in the morning after not having taken ibuprofen overnight that there's always a steady cramping when I wake up (and before the ibuprofen kicks in).  Things are still tight during the day, and depending on how I sit, the intensity of any contractions is different...still there, regardless.  But, on the good side, the number that I was really feeling all over today was less than the day before.

On the side of "weird", today I noticed these purple stretch mark things on the underside of my belly.  Mike had noticed the purple blotches and I remember him pointing them out to me, saying that they looked like bruises...but I hadn't seen them myself until I looked in the mirror.  They don't look like the white, usually thin and vertical stretch marks I've gotten before (these are much wider?).  If that's what these are...

Well, here's to another week...only a few more days until the magical 32 week mark!

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