Monday, February 21, 2005

The 10 Minute Rule

Perhaps I have a touch of ADD, or I'm just really sick of procrastinating/having to deal with the repercussions of not having finished my packing and moving stuff yet. Regardless, I decided today that once I got myself home and fed, that I would do my darndest to make yet another dent in the giant pile of stuff yet to be moved. And to get myself motivated, I decided that I'd set an alarm, work for that period of time, then rest for an equal period of time before going back to work. Therefore, I'd be working in short bursts and then getting to rest.

Well, I was shooting more for 15 minute bursts, but my phone only has a quick alarm setting for 10 minutes. (And I'm much too lazy to set it manually, of course). So, that's where I came up with the 10 minute rule. I just finished packing for 10 minutes, and now I am on a 10 minute break.

In the first 10 minutes, I managed to assemble two boxes, pack up random small items from the former computer room and put them into a container, carry several notebooks into the bedroom to be put into boxes, and started sorting out notebook papers so I could just throw away as much as I could (after all, do I REALLY need a notebook with all the handouts from my Science, Society and Ethics course?)

Perhaps at another 10 minute break, I might update on how progress is going.

Or I might take a nap.

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