Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm tired...and I'm not sure if I'm in panic mode yet

It's just a little before 11pm now. I'm making my way around the apartment trying to get as much as I can packed up before I leave for Reno tomorrow. And as I'm doing so, I see all of the things that I still need to do, wonder whether everything will fit in my car, what the timeline will be for making sure I get all of my needed errands done tomorrow and worrying that I might be neglecting work somehow. Ugh.

So the good news is that my futon frame DOES fit in my car. It took a bit of manuevering to make sure that my seat wouldn't be slammed so far forward that my knees would hit the steering wheel and make it nearly impossible to drive. I've just gotten the one piece in there, but the rest I'm sure will fit right on top.

And I'm tired. And I hurt. My back feels like it's going to either tighten up perminantly or collapsen on me at some random moment if I don't lay down flat every once in a while to rest. But, all things considered, that is about the least of my worries.

So there's still alot of stuff in here. Trying to get all of my suitcases packed for tomorrow (I'll have *3* checked bags and a carryon suitcase and a backpack). I wish there were only a few more things to deal with, but asit stands now, there's a couple more boxes to be filled. Ugh again.

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