Wednesday, February 23, 2005

24 hours to takeoff!

On another packing/cleaning break. Just noticed that my plane is due to leave out of Phoenix in just about 24 hours from now. That is, pending certain weather conditions and flight delays that have plagued air travel for me for the past couple of months.

Well, things are progressing, even if they are progressing slowly. I've managed to clean out all of the closets (my bedroom walk in, computer room closet, walk in pantry and the linen closet), which gives me a sense of accomplishment. I'm starting to use the "Mount Vernon method" of cleaning that my mother always quoted; start in one corner and just work your way around. So, in addition to my closets, I've started near the walls of my apartment and am cleaning everything around them and moving everything towards the middle. Which, by my calculations, should put everything in my living room here pretty quickly!

Oh, also something else I've discovered. UPS is not as cheap as they quote on their web page! At least when I go to the UPS store, the cost to ship a medium Uhaul box is $5-10 more than they say on the web page. So tomorrow I might run a few boxes to the US Post Office. Hopefully what THEY quote is truth!

Alrighty, my time for the wasting on blog writing has expired. Now out to the trash and start carrying the pieces of the futon to the car!

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