Saturday, June 29, 2013

Three Weeks at Home! T-minus 2 months until D-Day!

Saturday, June 29th
Three weeks on bedrest, two months until due date (31w2d)

Well, today was only mildly interesting because it was excessively hot outside and it's all most people can think about.  Kids got up this morning (8:30ish), and I sort of laid in bed while Daniel picked out whatever he wanted to watch.  Yeah, I was tired...I haven't been terribly tired since the whole bedrest thing began, but this week I have been moreso, for whatever reason.  I even fell asleep watching TV (which is typically like me anyway, but I haven't fallen asleep unintentionally in the middle of a show).

Anyway, because it was so hot, we figured the pool would be good, and going earlier rather than later would be a wise choice as well.  So we went out...and the pavement was REALLY hot, and it was just warm in the pool in general, although it did cool us off.  After that came showers/baths and lunch, then settling in to more hanging out around the house.

I'm really trying hard to stay as hydrated as possible, and Mike bought these water bottles with a built in filter to use (I have a really big 1L/32oz-ish cup from the hospital that I use too).  Of course, Daniel likes to drink whenever and whatever I am, so he was using the bathroom a lot.  So was I, but he really was.  In any case, despite good hydration (I like to try and take that out of the equation), my belly has been just kind of sore and tight.  I probably had one solid contraction an hour that I managed to note since about 1pm.  By solid, I mean lasting 30-45 seconds, and tightening my whole belly.  I still get some lower back cramps, but I didn't keep track of those today.

So, the heat is getting to me, even if I'm hanging out indoors 99% of the time.

In any case, with today being the 29th, that means it's two months until baby's due date!  When you look at things in terms of how many months pregnant you are, it distorts it a little bit.  Most people, when they ask how far along you are, they give you a weird look when you give the weeks though.  It's the presumption that a month lasts 4 weeks (which, unless we're talking February in a non-leap year, it's more than 4 weeks).  Also the weird thing that pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but technically the first two weeks the baby hasn't been conceived.  Lastly, pregnancy isn't exactly 9 months, yet I've heard plenty of parents mention how they are 9 months pregnant in those last couple of weeks.  So, my point being, I don't like saying that I'm "7 months pregnant" or anything like that.  But it is still technically 2 months until the baby's due date...

That was an odd tangent, but I'll end this with another ticker!

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