Monday, July 15, 2013

Bedrest Part 2 - Day 10

It's July 15th!  That means it's my mom's (and her mom's) birthday!  I used to have a bigger fixation on that date when I was pregnant with Daniel, thinking how cool it would be to have him (or her...we didn't know he was a he at the time!) on that date, making for 31-year generational gaps.  Anyway, having a baby, I'm guessing, isn't likely in the next 3 hours, so I'll call it safe to say that this one isn't going to be born on July 15th.

Well, all things told, today wasn't too bad of a day.  The most notable thing is that it rained like crazy, with equally if not crazier winds.  When we went to get the kids from daycare, there were a bunch of trees that were ripped down and still some standing water on the road.  Messy.

The rain also made it super humid and muggy (yuck)...which I was sort of oblivious to because I adopted a new temporary home for a little fan next to the bed.  I sweat so much that having the fan works especially well to cool me down a little more.

In other news...and this is Jared seems as though he has taken to (*wait for it*)...potty training!  Over the weekend he pee'd several times on the potty (and did it this morning as well).  The big test was seeing if he'd do it at daycare...and he did!  This evening, I asked if he had to use the potty, and as it happened, he was in the middle of dropping a #2.  I carefully put the poo in the toilet, and asked if he still had to use the potty (and he nodded he definitely had some unfinished business to take care of).  No sooner than I put him on, he pees a little, and finishes up his poop job! No way?!

Well...that is pretty much it.  I'm really trying to perk up a bit, and feel like I'm a little more productive, just to keep my mind off of anything that could mess with my stress levels.  Happy Monday!

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