Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bedrest Part 2 - Days 8 and 9

I should probably subtitle this one...IN SEARCH OF LAST-MINUTE CHILDCARE

OK, so I didn't make it 3 days in a row with blog posts.  But, in any case, it's the weekend, and the days sort of all blur together.

I've managed to stay out of the hospital for a whole week (hooray!), but it's been sort of a half-rest kind of week.  I get conflicting opinions on whether I should be on "strict" bedrest or whether I can be sort of on "modified" bedrest, which is much more lax.  On my hospital discharge paperwork from last weekend, it says "Bedrest...bathroom privileges only".  Yet, I've been told that that is probably too extreme.  I can see the doctor's going, "know your limits", and "rest when you need to", but that's a lot easier said than done (especially knowing me...I test the limits quite a bit, and I always seem to believe that I can do more than I actually can).

In any case, enough dwelling on that other stuff for a while.  My latest obsession is finding emergency childcare, should something happen in the "off hours".  I don't think I will really feel at ease until this issue (in particular) is in place.  Not only do I have to have plans...but I need alternative plans as well!

So here's the run down so far.  If something happens in the middle of the night or on the weekend (when the boys are NOT in daycare), they'll likely need someone to take them for a bit.  I hate imposing on people or asking about these things, but ideally, the least amount of stress would be if someone could just stay the night with the boys at our house, so we didn't have to wake them up.  Plan two is dropping them off somewhere, and plan 3 is taking them to the hospital with us if we can't get a hold of anyone.

As I mentioned in a previous post, our other option was a drop-in daycare, but I've kind of dismissed that as not really working for us.  I won't stop looking around for another place though, possibly!  The next alternative is lining up some sort of sitter/nanny service that could come out in less than an hour.  Still evaluating options/taking referrals for that one.  I've even decided to make use (for the first time...ha!) of work's "employee assistance program"  (kind of like a concierge service type thing).  We'll see how that works...I'm always taking suggestions, so if anyone reads this...I'm open!

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