Saturday, July 20, 2013

Now in Labor/Delivery!!!

OK so finally got contractions back with the program...

Attempted rest/sleep around 11pm.  Contractions picking up, so unable to really sleep.  1-2 every 10 minutes.

12:30a.m.:  still at 6cm.  Given stadol for pain (awesome!!!)

2a.m.:  contractions in full force, stadol worn off.  STILL 6cm.  Given another dose of stadol.  Contractions about 4 every 10 minutes!

3:30a.m.:  stadol worn off...need bathroom break.  Painful contractions.  Dang it, still 6cm!  Giving more stadol.

6a.m.:  contractions same, maybe less painful... again still 6!!!

9a.m.:  I can eat!  Doing that, then back to getting things back on the road...

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