Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bedrest Part 2 - Day 11

Another monsoon-y, stormy day in the late afternoon!  Luckily, we were all getting back home as the wind stated to pick up and a little bit of rain started to hit.

But, I digress.  Today wasn't too bad of a day, all things considered.  Since it's Tuesday, it's my "home alone" day, but it went by pretty normally.  I'm finding that the longer that I stay on bedrest, or just hanging around the house in general, doing minimal work, the less motivated I get to do sedentary tasks.  I have a running list of things in my head that I would get done, but they usually involve more than just being still.  Things like laundry, dishes, cleaning the carpets, and so on.  So I end up spending just a lot of time thinking about them, or debating with myself as to whether I could really do them.

There's plenty of things I could do while just being still, it's just getting started on them that is hard.  At first, I was really into making chain mail things (and I still think about it!), but I haven't actually touched it in quite a few days, and I look over at the bag of rings and just can't get motivated.  It's really quite sad, because it's something I enjoy doing.

The other thing that is taking motivation to start is a project (or, actually, projects, plural) that I'll probably be kicking myself for not starting or coming anywhere close to finishing.  Back around the time Daniel was born, I had a little cross stitch kit that had all of the birth announcement type information on it.  When we were in the hospital still, and he was getting his tan on under the bili-lights, I did start on it, but I didn't get very far.  I actually have no idea where it is now, but that's neither here nor there.  Jared came along and I didn't have one for him, and I didn't even attempt starting one.  Recently, I rediscovered a frame that I'd purchased probably before Mike and I got married that had 3 openings that would be perfect for 3 of the cross stitch things.  Perfect...this is kid #3, so I could get a headstart and it wouldn't take me much time to finish it off when the baby comes (later on, when there's a 4th, I can just get a different frame).

So here's my process...decide how I want to make them (kind of uniform, but pink for girl, blue for boy, or whatever).  Then decide on how complicated I want the design.  A while back, I actually went looking for sample kits of the birth announcement designs to base mine off of.  After just thinking about it for a good long while, I got a program to help with the gridding, and just the other day I went and dug out my supply of fabric and thread.  Now, for two days all of the supplies have been sitting on the bed or next to me in a little bag.  However, today I actually opened the frame to get a measuring guide for how I'd cut the canvas fabric to size.  And that's as far as I've gotten.  The frame actually sucks quite a lot (it came from Wal-Mart, go figure...some of the glue melted and adhered to the plastic, the back wasn't fully perforated for easy opening in the first place, and so on).  In the end, I should just do it, but I just keep thinking "I'll need a different frame anyway...so..."  (drag feet).

Well, tomorrow is Wednesday, and time for another doctor's appointment.  I feel like things are getting down to the wire, and there will be a baby SOON, relatively speaking.  One thing that's happened as of late (that isn't too worrysome...but does make me more aware) is baby movements.  I never really thought about how much the boys moved when I was pregnant with them...they just moved.  None of the doctors ever had me do formal kick counts for either of them either, and I think the most consideration it had at appointments was the question "feeling the baby move?".  Recently, though, this baby has been quite eclectic in her movements.  I'd say she's more active in the evening time when we're watching TV, but that isn't too unusual.  During the day, I would still feel her move.  However, there have been two days (today being one...the other was this past Friday/weekend) where I realized that I hadn't felt her move in a while.  Over the weekend, I remember watching TV and not noting much movement, and joking that she was probably going to start kicking around just as I was trying to go to sleep.  I slept without any baby-induced disturbances, but the next morning I didn't feel her move until around 11 or so (hours after drinking orange juice, eating, sitting still, and any other tricks).  Last night, I did feel her moving around, but she stopped as I was falling asleep, and I didn't feel any movement until later this morning (when I did, it wasn't a whole lot, more like just shifting position while she slept).  It always ends up being fine, and certainly reassuring when she does move, but it makes me hyper aware when she does things like that!

In contraction-land, things are sort of holding steady, although today I was experiencing a little bit of the return of the rhythmic back cramps.  I didn't have a lot of the full belly tightening (that I noticed), but I'm getting that really heavy feeling, and lower pelvic cramping again.  Given that I'm on the lowest dose of nifedipine right now, I guess it could be increased (if that's an option), or something like that.  I figure it's only going to be about 2 more weeks on this stuff anyway, and then it will become a free-for-all.  I guess we'll see how things go at the doctor tomorrow!

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