Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 17 at Home - Happy Anniversary!

Monday, June 24th
Two weeks, 2 days at home on bedrest AND our anniversary!

It's that time of year again...our wedding anniversary!  It's like a birthday that Mike and I can both share...sort of... In any case, it's our 7th anniversary, and we've both been reflecting on how it seems like it's been longer, but really not so long either!  In seven years, we've lived in three different houses in two different states.  We've had two awesome little boys born to us, and, of course, one daughter on the way who isn't finished cooking yet (hear that, missy???).  Lots of things have happened, and there's still a whole bunch more to come!

So this morning started out pretty well, Daniel went to speech, then both boys went to daycare for the day.  Before we knew it, it was time for lunch...and nothing says anniversary lunch like a couple of baconators from Wendy's (I know, super healthy, right?).  I took it easy today and tried my hand at a chainmail dragon (still in progress!).  For dinner, Buffalo Wild Wings, which is probably going to put the five pounds that I've lost in the past two weeks right back on.

As for the belly stuff, about the same as yesterday.  Lots of full body stretches from the baby, making things tighten up and give the illusion of a contraction.  It seems like she migrated up a bit today, and the top of my belly was stiffer and hurting more than usual (not super painful, but I could feel her hanging out in there).  A few lower cramps too that shot down my thighs when they came on, but still nothing regular (again, good!).

Well, I guess the fact that I don't have a whole ton to report means that it was a good day clamoring for the phone to call the doctor's office, no having to go to the hospital for contraction monitoring and so on.  Just another 10 days until the 32 week mark!

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