Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 16 at Home

Sunday, June 23rd
Two weeks, one day on bedrest at home

At last, the day is over, the kids are being put to's been a long day for both of us (Mike and myself).  Once again, slept pretty well, with the kids up a little past 9 (well, that's when Mike got up...they were talking in their room for a while before that, and Mike just turned down the baby monitor and let them go at it).

Mike went about a whole bunch of stuff around the house and yard while I entertained the kids in the late morning/early afternoon hours.  And, of course, they suddenly get restless, Jared usually first, but Daniel follows suit sometimes too.  I was probably up and chasing Jared around on a couple of occasions...he had a meltdown when he couldn't find Mike (he was in the bathroom), and no amount of convincing would make it better.  Several times he came into the bedroom, pulling his diaper off and wanting to try and use the potty (which, didn't work as well as it did yesterday).  He didn't want anything to do with a diaper either, which is always fun.

Daniel, on the other hand, was mostly content watching TV, until it got later and he was getting careless with wanting to climb on the bed, knocking things off the bed, and so on.  I called my parents, and after bathtime, Daniel sat still for a while, but then wanted to play hide and seek (while I'm on the phone).  This resulted in clothes being strewn everywhere, and eventually Jared coming in and trying to find Daniel under the clothes.  Every once in a while, they'd get into it with each other, which was fun too (at this point, Mike was on the phone with his parents).

So anyway, it was a rough ending to the day for the kids, but back to our "normal" routine on Monday!    One thing that was good is that I actually finished grading for the week BEFORE the late night way!  I might even be done with second week grading by tomorrow (knock on wood), and then I can pat myself on the back and rest a bit until the next round comes in.

As for all things belly was better than yesterday (Saturday was definitely the most crampy and weirdest place crampy that I've had yet), but still maybe not as good as that first week home from the hospital.  Occasional tightening (still nothing consistent, which is good!), and still some lower back pain that wraps around a little and shoots down my thighs sometimes.   Baby was moving about a little more consistently today, and not quite as "hard" as she had in the past few days (no full body flops).  I just keep drinking the water and taking it easy as best I can, in the hopes that it'll mute any of the "false" contractions a bit.

With that...cheers to the end of the week!

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