Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Days 18 and 19 at Home

I skipped out on yesterday, so today is a double-header!  Heeeeeere we go!

Tuesday, June 25th
Day 18 of bedrest at home

Today was OK...yes, that's pretty much the "average" of things.  I kind of had an up and down day, mood wise, and felt like not doing a whole lot except for napping.  Mike was at work in the office, so I was left to my own devices (it's nice to have him at home working...I'm spoiled...), which is fine.  Caught up a little bit of TV and that was pretty much that.

Physically, with letting little things get to me emotionally, I felt like I was having a few more contractions still.  I say it often enough, but it really is hard to tell what is going on...I'm tempted to get a piece of paper and write down everything (where something is tight/hurts, length of time, time it starts, time it stops and so on).  I figure I can decipher it later whether it was because of the baby moving around or otherwise.

In any case, I'll cut off Tuesday's summary right there and get to Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 26th
Day 19 of bedrest, doctor's appointment - 30w6d!

So once again, Wednesday comes and it's time for my now-weekly appointment.  I was feeling some contractions kicking up again this morning (was having Mike feel, just to give him a gauge as to what I was counting as a contraction and what I wasn't).  Even waiting in the doctor's office there were a few.  And a few non-contractiony cramps.

Ultrasound was at 1pm, and we get to see the baby's cute little mug part of the appointment.  The tech was mentioning that I looked a bit more relaxed than in previous weeks, but I'm not sure that I'm more relaxed, or just dealing with the baby thing better than I'm dealing with other things going on in life.  Or perhaps that I'm just so thrilled to be out of the house on Wednesdays that I exude that much more happiness.  In any case, baby is still head down, and her fluid levels were pretty good (higher than last week...around 18cm I think is what the measurement was).

Then to wait for the regular appointment.  I dislike afternoon appointments, just because it means that it's more likely for everyone to be running late.  I'd much rather be one of the first ones in the morning.  In any case, the spacing on the appointments was a bit wacky, with ultrasound being at 1, doctor's appointment at 2.  It didn't seem like too terribly long until we were called back (right at 2, or just a minute or two after).  And we waited...and waited.  I'm probably more patient than Mike, and at least we were there to chit chat and keep each other company.  Dr. Pottorff, the one I saw 3 weeks ago and who had sent me to the hospital then, was who I was seeing again today.

I told her that I was having steadily more contractions each week, even though not a ton still.  I made sure to ask about the ibuprofen (since technically, not supposed to take it beyond 32 weeks).  The plan being that I take it through next week and kind of "wait and see" what happens after that.  I don't know what exactly they'd give me at that point, if anything.

Aside from that, she did another repeat of the fetal fibronectin test (apparently it can go negative after taking ibuprofen) and cervix check.  Drumroll...3cm.  fFN won't come back until tomorrow or so.  Given that I tend to be an early and big dilator, I don't know if I'm all that surprised at being 3cm.  And if the fFN comes back positive again, I don't know what they do then either.  Really the only thing that's keeping me out of the hospital is not having a ton of contractions.

So that's my main update for the week, doctor wise...I just sit and wait, and wait.  And hopefully wait some more until there's a baby.  I lead such an interesting life...ha!

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