Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 10 at Home

Monday, June 17th
Tenth day on bedrest at home!

Well, not a whole lot to report today other than it's Monday.  The new week was definitely welcomed (for me and Mike, and probably the kids too!), and we started off on our new usual routine.  Daniel to speech, Jared lazily having breakfast while he watches Mickey Mouse.  Mike did a quick run to McDonalds for breakfast while Daniel was at speech and brought it home (yum!!!).  I think Jared enjoyed spending a little quality time cuddled up with mommy and daddy while Daniel was away...even if it was short lived and even if it was just for a quickie breakfast.

And then Mike was off to pick up Daniel so that he and Jared could get deposited at daycare.  A fantastic surprise came from the director of the daycare...some dinners for us!  Definitely made my morning at how nice and thoughtful!  So far so good!  Next on the agenda, carpets. The carpet cleaners called to see if it was OK to come earlier (which it was...definitely!), and they showed up right before 12:30, and were finished before 1:15.  Awesome.  My morning and early afternoon I decided to try the dragon chain mail (which I'm still working on...getting things right and deciding on my own "design" so to speak).

Into the afternoon, I did a little bit of grading for my class, and just took it easy.  It's kind of nice not to be rushed while grading, and not waiting around until the kids are in bed to even start it.

Physically, I'm doing pretty well I think.  Yesterday I was definitely the most "sore", but that was mostly from being a bit more contorted to avoid having the kids bumping into me.  My belly is a bit tighter than I think it was late last week, but not contraction-y.  I say it often, but it is really hard to say what each particular ache is.  In the past, I was almost certain when I was having a Braxton Hicks contraction, or any sort of overall cramping or tightening.  I think even in the hospital, I grew aware of when a contraction was coming on or when I was in the middle of one.  But, yeah, now I'm not so sure.  I almost wish I had a monitor that I could wear to see in passing what I can detect and what I can't.  Or something that would ask me "are you having a contraction" when it thinks I'm having one.

Anyway, I digress...on to the next day...

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