Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two Weeks at Home!

Saturday, June 22nd
Two weeks on bedrest so far!  30w2d!

Another Saturday has come!  Once again, the kids weren't terrible with getting us up at an unholy hour (closer to 9am, once again).  Both of them spent most of the morning with me, eating breakfast in bed and watching a few things on TV.  Mike went about doing some stuff in the yard and some cleanup around the house a little bit. Once Jared finally got down for a nap (and then got up again), all of us went swimming in the evening!

So today has been a bit crampier than usual.  I had cramping in all sorts of places and combinations, whole belly front and back (very Braxton Hicks-ish), SUPER tight on just the right side, but not so much on the left, just both sides of my lower back, and so on and so forth.  No real pattern that I could discern, and since they aren't rhythmic or consistent, I can't really tell what they are one way or the other.  Why must this be so hard!?

In other news, Jared actually went pee on the potty for the first time today!  After getting out of the pool, he hopped in the shower with me, and after he came out to dry off, he started to dribble on the floor.  I caught him and popped him right on the potty, where he finished.  A few minutes later, apparently he hadn't finished the job, and told us he had to go poo-poo, holding the potty seat insert for us to put on the toilet.  And he went some more!  I think it really clicked that time what he needed to do, so hopefully this is a good start to potty training.  Probably not the best time in the world, since I can't really chase after him to go right now, and it might be just as hard with a new baby around (and there's a risk of him regressing when that happens too).

Well, so far so good with the weekend being halfway through!

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