Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 9 at Home - Father's Day!

Sunday, June 16th
Ninth day at home, Father's Day and 29w3d!

A very happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there (very generic sounding), and of course to the two father's that I know best, my own, and the father to my children, Mike!

Well, today was a bit of a draining day.  Once again, the kids got up at not a wholly unreasonable hour, but Mike had been woken up (and I, too...I turn into a light sleeper when I have issues with temperature regulation) several times for work, so we were both a little tired (him probably more so than me, since I wasn't the one answering the phone).  The kids tend to go a little stir-crazy by Sunday, and with me being stationary, that was magnified.

Mike's task was to get everything ready for the carpet cleaners tomorrow, which he did in pretty good time...but it also involved a lot of manual labor for him, and a lot of me trying to keep kids calm and prevent them from crawling all over me (literally).  So, yeah, we're both tired.

Cramping wasn't awful today, but it seems like it was more than usual today.  I don't know whether it was because of the kids (and straining myself that way) or allowing myself to become more dehydrated than usual (didn't help that the kids wanted to steal my water or whatever I was drinking whenever they got the chance).  My little belly-dweller was having fun punching or kicking pretty low down, which didn't feel really good either.  I think both Mike and I are looking forward to Monday...something you seriously wouldn't ever think we'd say!

In other news (and this is always a subject that makes me tense...and I really am trying hard not to let it get to me) is my parents are kicking things up a notch in terms of moving.  All plans are for them to close on the sale on July 11th, and tentative plan is for them to leave for Washington on July 12th.  What that means is that we'll be inheriting some week!  It's kind of stressing me out having to think about what to do with the kids when the baby comes, and even what to do if something happens between now and the 36 week mark (in the sense of, if I have another episode of contractions or if something changes and I end up hospitalized again, it puts a lot of strain there).  It seems like things have been one trigger after another for stress...but I guess at least I feel lucky that they do end up resolving after a while, if only to be replaced by a new stress.

I'm looking forward to a new week...lots of exciting things I hope!

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