Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 14 at Home

Friday, June 21
Fourteenth day of bedrest at home

Welcome to the first day of summer!  Around here, it's felt like summer for at LEAST the past month, probably longer in my world just from carrying a bowling ball around my abdomen.  But, in all actuality, today didn't seem any hotter or more miserable than any days preceding it, and I wasn't necessarily sweating like a pig all day long.

But, I digress.  Today was definitely my forced "take it easy" day, after having spent a good chunk of the day yesterday out of bed and entertaining company.  So, in other words, it was back to business as usual.  I was a bit worn out in the afternoon, actually, and ended up taking a short nap.  I love napping, and I usually take a nap on the weekends when Jared does, so it's almost a bit surprising that I'm not really feeling the urge most days (since I've been at home) to nap.  I think it's probably good that I got one in today, as it hopefully well make me more rested for the weekend ahead.

In other news, the baby is doing her fair share of moving and shaking around quite a lot.  I can almost imagine her trying to sleep like her brothers, butt in the air (even though I have no idea how she's really positioned, aside from it being assumed that she's still head down).  A few tightenings here and there in my belly and in my back now (???), but, again, unsure if it's the baby or what, since most of them do coincide with when she's most active.

And, I suppose I shall leave things at that!  With it being almost 11pm, I am kind of worn down from the day (even though it was spent sedentary!)...and I don't particularly want to delve into some other subject that's deeper, something that I've been thinking about for a while (regarding all of the things that I "can't" do now, that I'm missing out on, and all of the things I've had to modify to adjust to the whole bedrest thing).  But that will come soon!

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