Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 2 at Home

Sunday, June 9th
Second day of bedrest at home

I slept pretty well, although I was sweating up a storm all night long and I was feeling kind of scummy (stinky!).  Mike was up with the kids kind of early (the temperature...AC blasting overnight...probably woke them up).  I noticed that after not having taken ibuprofen overnight (the every 6 hour dose had worn off) that I just felt tight, and my sides (particularly my left) were crampy (not a contraction, but just a dull cramp).  O

I got my dose of ibuprofen, and pretty much sat in bed all day long (as per orders!).  Watched a few movies and things with the boys.

It's hard to tell sometimes where any little twinge in pain might be originating from...whether it's stretching because my bladder is full, stomach stretching because I just ate, baby kicking and stretching things out or something different all together.  In any case, I only detected maybe 2-4 contractions total for the day, and even then it's hard to tell whether they were contractions.  It also seemed like anytime something started tightening, it would go up a little bit then fizzle out.

Once again, in the evening, it was good to get the kids down for bed so we could have some time to ourselves to relax.

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