Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 5 at Home

Wednesday, June 12th
Fifth day of bedrest at home, doctor's appointment, 28w6d

This morning started off exciting (for me, at least!), because I got to leave the house to go to the doctor.  As I mentioned before, this is exciting just because I get to go outside my bedroom/bathroom area, but also because I wanted to see how things were going after coming down off all of the medication I was on in the hospital (what is my "baseline" again, so to speak).

So we got the kids ready (Mike doing most of it, of course), loaded everyone into the car and Mike dropped me at the doctor (running just a little slow, so Mike went and dropped off the kids).  He made it back before I got called back to ultrasound (first step!).  The baby looked good still, had good fluid around her even, but it was hard to get cervix measurements (and they didn't want to rock the boat too much with a transvaginal ultrasound).  Then to wait for the doctor.

I hadn't met Dr. Urig ever before...either this pregnancy, anything in between, or with Jared.  But, like all of the others, he's pretty awesome too!  I usually don't require a whole lot out of doctors, as I'm usually pretty "easy" in terms of care and anything that might be wrong with me.  It's been nice that I haven't ever felt rushed, either now or before.  In any case, I did get my cervix checked, and it's still at between 1 and 2cm.  It was weird walking for as long as I did or being up as much as I was, and my hyper-aware state made me take notice of a few extra cramping episodes, but no contractions.

Mentally, I'm pretty good today too.  Just getting out was great.  Having "good" news at the doctor was great.  Now I'm doing a quick modification to my resume/CV, and that's actually making my mood better too because it feels like I'm doing something productive!  Tomorrow hopes to be just as exciting...when this little baby turns 29 weeks!  That means 3 weeks until the next "big" milestone of 32 weeks!

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