Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 6 at Home

Thursday, June 13th
Sixth day of bedrest at home - 29 Weeks!!!

A happy 29 weeks to my little belly-dweller!  It seems like we were stuck at 28 weeks for so long, it's good to have made it nearly a week here at home.  Nothing much huge to report this morning...slept pretty well again (just waking up, sweating, when daylight hits).  Only a slight bit of cramping when I get up (before using the bathroom too...gravity + full bladder = tendency to cramp!) but the ibuprofen has magically taken that away.

Mike is working in the office today, so all is mostly quiet here...Stat is meowing and howling pretty hard about once an hour, so I guess it's really not all THAT quiet.  

In other areas of life, I've finally gotten my CV/resume up to par a little bit (a quick revision/reorganization), and am gaining momentum on getting it sent out there.  It's a bit hard right now, for a few reasons (namely that I'm stuck at home), but also that each position might emphasize a particular or skill or qualification.  I have done quite a few "things", but it would be nice to emphasize the skills that they are looking for, and even make sure that they know that this monkey can be taught!  Since I'm in a bit of a holding pattern (who knows when baby might or might not arrive...I could go all the way through until the end of August!), I wouldn't want to leave any potential new employer hanging, so to speak.  

OK, so the biggest news (that I knew was coming...just didn't know how soon), is that my parents got an offer on their house.  Eep!  The news is that their looking to close around July 11th, which puts them out of town soon.  Kind of fast.  Kind of startling.  Not sure how I'm reacting to this!

In any case, earlier this morning I spent some random time looking for baby development tickers.  I have a love/hate relationship with them (since it's good for keeping things up to date, but it also looks ridiculous when the baby is already here!)

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