Sunday, June 09, 2013

Pre-Term Labor - My Days in Exile

I realize that I use this particular blog pretty sporadically, but I figured it was perfect for chronicling the daily happenings with the newest little Stone baby...

In a way, I find writing/blogging sort of therapeutic, as a way to get events and feelings and all of that stuff out into the open, and also as a way to just remember what's going on.  So this post is just going to start with the summary of what's happened over the past week or so, and hopefully I'll fill things in a bit more, and just add as things happen.  In a perfect world, it might be a pretty dull blog to's hoping!

The short of it is that on Wednesday, June 5th, I was admitted to the hospital (at 27 weeks, 6 days gestation) for pre-term labor.  I spent 3 nights there and was released to go home on bedrest on Saturday, June 8th.  I might do separate posts or headings for the "leading up" to hospital admission and treatment, what my stats were (the TMI of vital signs and checks on the girlie parts), treatment received, and the timeline of things that happened daily during my hospital stay.

Stay tuned!!!

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