Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 4 - Afternoon Update

Tuesday, June 11th
Afternoon - Still on the fourth day of bedrest at home

So far so good in the afternoon...why two blog posts you say?  Why not!

This afternoon I ventured to the kitchen (gasp!), on my toes for less than 2 minutes, walking very gingerly.  Open freezer, take out pizza, put in microwave.  Sit.  Sat on the couch for about 10 minutes (cooking + cooling in microwave) and returned to the room.  Not too bad.

It was weird, though, that up until I went to get food (just sitting here like I have been) that I was feeling a little squishy in the girlie bits.  If the baby would move, I'd kind of feel like she was trying to break right out, which isn't a comforting feeling.  While sitting on the couch waiting for the microwave, I felt another squish, and then everything was fine.  I find that apparently there was a huge glob of goo coming out of the baby exit door.  Yuck.  It wasn't quite as much as when I've lost my proverbial mucus plug before having the kids, but it was a lot more than usual.  I know (or figure) it's just a big glob like that from being stationary so long, so it had a chance to build up.  Still gross.

A few more emotional triggers this afternoon as well.  I get that my hormones are all out of whack, and it makes it that much easier to trigger things (which sucks, because when I cry, I tense up).  First is just squirting the tears whenever I think about what is happening in the lab at work.  My mind floats to all sorts of things...can pin it on one thing or another.  Second is my parents imminent move.  My parents have their house officially listed, and they mentioned that they had two parties come to view the house already (it's only been on the market since yesterday).  I know they've been wanting to move for a very long time, but it's hitting me how fast things are happening.  And the thought that I could quite possibly still be on bedrest when they pack up and move.  I'll stop right there, avoiding the risk of getting myself worked up again.

So, no contractions that I could tell today, maybe a little bit of random back cramping, and that squishy goo are about all there is to report.  Once again, I can't wait until tomorrow for my doctor's appointment!

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