Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 3 at Home

Monday, June 10th
Third day of bedrest at home

I slept pretty well last night (again, sweaty, but didn't wake up too many more times than I would ordinarily anyway!).  Mike was set off on a mission to retrieve our other car from the hospital garage (it had been there  pretty much since admission on Wednesday!).  This involved catching the RAPID bus downtown (walking about 25 minutes to the pickup) and then walking to the hospital to retrieve the car and drive it back (another 15 minute walk once downtown).

Jared had gotten up before Mike left, but thankfully he was good and sat on the bed to watch Mickey Mouse.  He even followed directions to go and retrieve some NutraGrain bars.  Daniel got up and joined us a little while before Mike got back, and he was pretty good for all intents and purposes.

Physically, I could feel a little more of the lower belly cramping (below belly, kind of a ring or a line connecting my hip bones).  Taking the ibuprofen that I had in reach took care of that pretty easily though!

Also before Mike returned, I got a call from the doctor's office to set up appointments for monitoring for the next few weeks.  It seems a bit daunting, but each week that I go I'm sure it'll seem like a big milestone!  I just can't wait until the first appointment, so I know what to expect, and just to see how things have changed (improved, or otherwise!) since the hospital.  So, this Wednesday at 9am is my first appointment...ultrasound followed by doctor's appointment.

(Of course, while I'm on the phone trying to take down all of the times that they're setting up for me...the kids are being goofballs, culminating in Jared getting smacked in the face, or smacking himself in the face with a!).

Mike took Daniel to speech, picked him up, got Jared ready for the day and then went to drop them off at daycare.  At which point I listened, by phone, to lab meeting.  This is where I could tell that any emotional stress that I was feeling was kind of starting to manifest itself physically.  I think I felt 2 contractions during that time, and just lots of consistent tightening, but I can't remember the intensity or duration or anything like that.  Just waiting to see what the afternoon brings!  Hopefully it'll be pretty calm!

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