Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 7 at Home

Friday, June 14th
Seventh day of bed rest at home

Well, I've made it seven days (if you include Saturday as the first day!) sitting/laying in pretty much the same spot.  It really distorts my perception of time, because sometimes it feels like longer, sometimes it feels like it hasn't been that long at all!

In any case, today also snuck up on me rather quickly because it is the last "official" day of our lab being, well, our lab.  It would have been my last official day too, but that's been put on hold.  The more I talk to everyone, the more I am almost afraid to see what the lab looks like...most everyone says I wouldn't even recognize it, even day to day it changes so much!

So other than that, this morning has been OK.  Slept decently again (still a bit of a sweatball!), kids woke up cheerfully and lazied around with them watching TV while they got ready for daycare.  I was feeling pretty good before taking my first dose of ibuprofen for the day.  At some point, though, I might have been sitting up too long and I was having a little bit of cramping.  Not the contraction-like, tightening cramping, and not stomach cramping, and not the "my bladder is full", but just crampy under my belly (the bottom "ring") between my hip bones, and around the sides to my back.  It was mildly concerning me as Mike took the kids to daycare, so I've been laying down pretty much solid ever since.  And it's subsided for the most part.

In other news, my "hobby" of making things out of chain mail has finally produced something...well...out of the new, fancy batch of rings that I ordered.  I've made several things and played around for a while with the "cheap" ones, but the new ones are SO much nicer!  So, if anything, I might start inundating everyone with all of the things I end up making while stuck at home.

I'm hoping everything stays in a holding pattern today, and also over the weekend!  My biggest fear is still having to make the call to go to OB triage again, and I hate debating those things with myself!  I'd rather just not have to make that call at all.

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